When I saw this colouring download World Map that our artist Lorien created, I just about fell off my chair. How beautiful is it? I mean, honestly?

With every continent included (and more than a few different island dots), we immediately put the words ‘Joy to the World’ on it, and used it as a Christmas colouring poster. Because it just seemed right! But you could use it for a whole lot of different things.

Obviously the details come out better when you print this colouring world map as an A0, A2 or A3 poster, and it would be a lovely class or group project. (Take it to your local printing shop and check if they have a printer big enough to handle it. And make sure they put it on paper that will take colouring pens, pencils or crayons.)

If the poster options don’t work for you, it’s still pretty cute in A4 and makes a great individual coloring project.

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