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What can you do with colouring printables?

Beautiful Bible colouring can be used as an activity at many different events. It helps people relax and keep their hands occupied while they chat and share. It encourages good conversation and thoughtfulness around the words.

We love colouring for all sorts of events and groups. Here’s a list of some: you might think of others.

Women's events
Fellowship evenings
Bible studies
Small gatherings of friends
Christmas events

Beach mission evenings
Craft groups
Holiday activities
Family reunions

Chaplaincy groups
Kids clubs
Kids church
Outreach evenings

Grab our best tips for running a colouring event here. (Spoiler: you don’t want to forget the pencil sharpeners…)

Planning a spiritual retreat? Take colouring with you. And check out our tips for how to plan a refreshing retreat.

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Colouring allows us to stop, breathe and be still in Gods simple words without the distraction of any other noises, speech or text. Rest and God put together. Busy people can’t ask for more than that. Can they?
— Shannon