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The reason we’re here

We want to provide you with beautiful, illustrated Scripture verses for mindful and meditational colouring, to encourage you in your walk with God, and to resource you to take Scripture to others. Please let us know how we can help.

How we got started

In 2015, Lorien, who had always been an artist, but never been published, prayed this: “Lord, help me know what to do, if you want me to encourage others with the way I combine the Bible and my art.”

Almost the same day, Cecily, who had never been a publisher, but who had some experience in the field, happened to see one of Lorien’s designs shared on Facebook. She immediately fell in love. And couldn’t shake the feeling that she should publish a book of Lorien’s art. She wrote an awkward and embarrassing email to Lorien. ‘Hi. You don’t know me, but I love your work, and I think you should make a book.’

As they say, the rest is history. The first book happened, and the second. And more. Best of all? We get to hear from thousands of people who have been blessed by Lorien’s gifts in illustrating the Word of God.

About Lorien

Lorien Jane hails from Australia but grew up in a few different countries. You can see the influences of Pakistani henna art and designs from South East Asia in her drawings. She’ll draw on anything that will stay still long enough.

About Cecily

Like Lorien, Cecily Paterson is also an Aussie who grew up overseas. (In fact, by crazy coincidence, they went to the same primary school in Pakistan, although ten years apart.)

Cecily has no artistic talent to speak of, but she’s been putting books together since she was a little kid, and she loves colouring beautiful designs. She writes kids and YA fiction for teenage girls and teaches an online writing course.

Beautiful Bible Colouring is an imprint of Firewheel Press | ABN: 98 609 690 084 | Publisher: Cecily Paterson

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