There are some amazing Bible verse coloring designs out there.

In this post I’m sharing my five favorites from the pen of our artist, Lorien. These are designs that have moved me, inspired me, and made me think more deeply about the Scriptures in my quiet times. These are the designs that I keep coming back to color, time after time. The words don’t get old, and I’m always finding something new in the art.

It’s exciting to be able to take a design and color it a few different ways, with different shades and tones. Reflecting on the words becomes a little different each time as I bring different colours and styles to the experience. 

First on my list is this one:

We called it ‘Eternal Glory’. Those swirls bring both eternity and glory alive for me. As you color the details, there’s always more to find, which suits the verse too. The richness of not losing heart because of the eternal glory coming is well represented. Want to download it? Click here.

Second, I love this design: No Fear In Love

This was one of Lorien’s first designs, and it’s proved to be one of the most popular. It’s simple, it’s quick to do, and the words of the verse are something substantial to chew on. I love the juxtaposition of Fear and Love – fear is not always what we think of as the opposite of love, but the Bible is pretty clear about it. Want to download and color it? Click here.

Next on my list is this one: Sufficient Grace

I think this design is just so pretty. Elegant and strong, just like grace and power. I’ve done this a number of times, and each time have come up with a very different piece of art. Want to download it and color? Click here

Number four for me is More Than Conquerors

I love the lines of the design, but I mostly love the words. Lorien drew it for our Colouring in Truth Facebook Group  (you can ask to join) to encourage a member who was going through some hard times. I’ve colored this myself a few times, and always been moved by the hope the verse offers. Download, print and color this one? Click here.


Finally, I love the delicacy of this wreath design: ‘Seek His Presence’

Psalm 105 3d.jpg

Even though we are weak and fragile, we are commanded to continually seek the Lord, his strength and presence. I think that’s just beautiful.

Love these?

Grab yourself a colouring sheet and see what beautiful coloring you can come up with. Show us your work on our Facebook Group, or post the colored version of your design on Pinterest for all to see.


five amazing bible coloring sheets

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