Why colouring?

Adult colouring came under the spotlight a few years ago, and many of us scoffed. Wasn't colouring just something you gave your kids to do?  

But the experts all agree: adult colouring has proven benefits, including relaxation, calming, and de-stressing. Combine that with the life-giving words of Scripture, and the incredible effect of slow, thoughtful meditation on the Word of God, and you have the answer as to why we love Bible-based colouring.

Lorien, the artist behind Meditations and Reflections loved the idea of colouring in too, because it was relaxing and meditative, but she wasn’t getting much out of colouring in ‘motivational’, feel-good slogans.

“When a friend suggested I take what I’d been doing in my devotional journal for years and add colouring designs around the edge, I discovered a whole new way to enjoy meditating on Scripture,” she said. “It’s about encouraging people to find their own ways to worship God with art and Scripture."

Lorien's work work is set apart by the fact that she begins with the verse, rather than simply adding words to an illustration. “The verse is the important bit,” she says. “The art is just an excuse to sit for a while to meditate on the Scripture, and enjoy a creative form of worship.”

Scripture-based colouring has been wonderful for people of all ages (and yes, men colour too), but the designs have been especially beneficial to people who have suffered grief, hospitalisation or mental health issues. 

Our books and cards make wonderful, encouraging gifts for people who want to express their creativity, stay sane, and keep close to God at the same time.

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Photo by Jupiterimages/PHOTOS.com>> / Getty Images
Photo by Jupiterimages/PHOTOS.com>> / Getty Images