Maybe you're thinking, sure, colouring might look like fun, and it might even be relaxing, but does it really make a difference in your spiritual life? Isn't colouring Bible verses just a feel-good gimmick?

We think it's way more than that.

We've heard story after story from people who have been spiritually refreshed, uplifted and encouraged, just from spending time with God's word in a quiet, meditative way.

They've had their creativity ignited, they've had new insights, and they've been able to chew over the words and their meaning at length.

We've heard from people suffering from chronic depression and grief who couldn't bring themselves to read the Scriptures. They've told us that Bible colouring was manageable for them, and incredibly comforting in dark times.


We're convinced that Bible colouring, and especially the glorious artwork and lettering by our amazing artist, Lorien, can be a wonderful part of your meditation on God's Word, and relationship with Jesus.

We'd love you to try out our free sample. Inside are two beautiful designs, questions and prompts to help get you thinking about the verse as you colour, a list of FAQs about colouring, and some colour palette ideas. 

Just let us know where to send it, and then download, print, and discover the benefits for yourself.