colouring faqS

where do I get these books from?

Meditations and Reflections by Lorien Atwood are available from Christian book retailers around Australia, or you can purchase them online here.


Can I photocopy my book?

We ask that you don't photocopy pages of the books, or cards. If you've purchased the book, you can access a free downloadable PDF file with all the designs in it. You can use these again and again, for personal use. (We define 'personal use' to mean for you and your family.) If you'd like to share colouring sheets with your group, you can purchase downloadable sheets, or 'group licences' that you can print out. Find them here. The reason we do this is because it helps to support the artist and keep food in her fridge. Which is a good thing, right? Can't have hungry artists...


I want a big colouring poster for my event. Do you have them?

Yes, we do. Some are easily downloadable right now. Find the design you like, go to its page and see if there's a poster option. If not, we are happy to create a poster version for you. If you think one of our designs would work perfectly for what you have in mind, let us know, and we'll put it together for you.


should I use pens or pencils?

It's really up to you. Felt tip pens can be quicker, but you don't get the beautiful gradations of shading that are possible with pencils (unless you go for the very expensive, wonderful felt tip pens that are available.) Then there are water colour pencils, gel pens, even paints, available. Our advice is: try everything. See what you like. See what feels nice and looks great. You'll find your preferred medium as you experiment.


what are the best colouring pencils?

We don't like to recommend one brand of pencils over another. Most of them are great, but as a general rule, you do get what you pay for. You'll soon find out what brands you don't like. If you're starting out with not a lot of money, it's worth collecting what you can find around the place. Most families have a lot of coloured pencils sitting unused in a cupboard. If you're investing in expensive pencils, take the time to go into an Art Supplies shop and actually try out some different brands, if the shop owners will let you. (They're often very understanding about this.)  


can i use paint?

The paper in our books is heavier than most, at 190gsm, but it is not quite watercolour paper. If you're keen, try it, and see how it goes. Otherwise, if you have watercolour paper that will go through a printer, use your free download that comes with your book and print a design on the paper of your choice.


how do I pick the colours?

There are many ways to choose a colour palette for a design. One way is to see what the design itself lends itself to. (A sunrise design may use yellows, golds, pinks and reds, for example.) Another way is to look at a favourite photograph, painting or fabric, and use the colours that appear there.  Or, do as one of our colourers did - choose pencils at random, and see what happens!

One of the things we love in the Colouring in Truth Facebook group is to see how different every design looks, depending on how it's been coloured! 

By the way, what's important is not the colours you choose, but the way you think on the words as you colour. If the colours are becoming all-consuming, take a step back and just enjoy the process of spending time with God's Word, without worrying about the end result. 


Are there other people who like colouring too?

There certainly are. You'll find a lot of us at the Colouring in Truth Facebook group. We share photos of our finished coloured artworks, discuss the verses, share our newest pens and pencils. Sometimes we have an opportunity to pray for each other, encourage others, and fundraise for colouring projects for people who can't afford it. Join us. You're very welcome.


won't it get stressful?

Some people find that colouring becomes more stressful than relaxing. This is mostly because they're worried about the result, or making a mistake, or not picking the right colours. Or it may simply be that they're concerned they won't get it finished in the time they've got. If that's you, don't give up. Try to focus less on the result and more on the process. You don't have to finish, you don't have to do it perfectly. Look at it as a time you can spend with God, focusing on his beautiful words, and see if that changes things.


what if I make a mistake?

Again, don't worry about it. If you've bought a book, you can always print out another sheet and start over. If you've got downloadable printouts, grab another 10. It'll cost you all of two bucks. Less than a cup of coffee. Mostly, just take some deep breaths. It's the words that matter here, not the colouring.


How can I improve my colouring skills?

There are heaps of colouring sites with tips and tricks, as well as 'how-to' videos on YouTube. Do a quick search for 'colouring tips and skills', check them out, and give some new things a go. 











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