Why colouring?

Colouring in...

It sounds like something you’d normally relegate to kids, but adult colouring has proven benefits: relaxation, calming, and

Combine it with the life-giving words of Scripture, and the
benefits are immeasurable. 

People who aren't artistic can feel 'creative' when they colour. People who don't think of themselves as 'crafty' can still end up with something beautiful. Colouring is something anyone, with any level of skill, can do, and succeed at.

Lorien's detailed designs take time to complete. Colourers can focus on the words of the verse, turning them over in their minds, repeating them out loud, and meditating deeply on them as they move their pencils. 

It allows us to stop, breathe and be still in Gods simple words without the distraction of any other noises, speech or text. Rest and God put together. Busy people can’t ask for more than that. Can they?
— Shannon

Colouring is wonderful therapy and encouragement for people who have recently suffered grief, or who carry chronic stress, illness or anxieties in their lives.

It helps me find peace and tranquility with God amid the chaos of day to day life.
— Rachel
I like being able to work on a colouring project in snippets amid looking after kids cause those snippets bring me back to focus on God again and again.
— Larissa