Stock our books and cards

Meditations and Reflections can be found at the major Christian booksellers in Australia and New Zealand, and are stocked by many other smaller bookshops, craft stores, gift outlets and therapy shops.

Book retailers in Australia and New Zealand are invited to contact Rochelle at Novella Distribution to stock Meditations and Reflections in their shops. 

Looking to find a copy of Meditations or Reflections near you? Ask your local book store to order it in. Suggest it to your favourite cafe, craft store or art supplies shop.

Or sell it yourself: ask us how.

We want everyone to benefit from the power of Scripture and the beauty of art. Contact us if you:

  • have an online store attached to your blog

  • run a craft, stamping or scrapbooking business

  • sell relaxation products

  • manage a cafe

  • are a doctor, psychologist or other therapist - or just want a few for your waiting room

  • are a school chaplain, religious studies teacher or teach at a Christian school

  • are just really keen about sharing colouring and Scripture with your friend

Rachel Li