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Scripture based colouring is fairly new, but is quickly being taken up by churches and groups as an easy, friendly way to connect with the community and share the truth of the Bible and the gospel of Jesus Christ. As colouring events become more and more popular for both outreach and encouragement, it's a great resource to be able to offer organisers a list of speakers who are not only engaging, and who understand how a colouring event might work, but who are faithful to the truth of the Scriptures. 

This is how it will work: as organisers of colouring events contact us for speaker recommendations, we will forward on to them a list of possible speakers in their area, or those who are willing to travel, together with their contact and other details. The organisers will contact you directly, and all negotiations and arrangements will be made directly with you.If you'd like to be part of our recommended speakers list, please fill in your details below. They will be kept safe by Firewheel Press, and not sold, or shared irresponsibly.

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Firewheel Press provides Bible-based colouring sheets to churches and groups. All our illustrated verses are written out in full, using the ESV translation. While we consider ourselves evangelical Christians, who are faithful to the truth of the Bible, we cannot take any responsibility for how our Scripture-based colouring resources are used by others, however, we trust in the concept that God's Word will not come back empty.