How to run a colouring event

Colouring is a fantastic activity to do as a group. Anyone can join in, no matter what skill level they have. It's easy to colour and chat at the same time, and participants get to take home something beautiful at the end.

Holding a colouring event is a great community outreach, and a beautiful, interesting way to bring the words of Scripture to people who might not otherwise hear them.

If you'd like to hold a colouring event, think about these things:



Who you choose will depend on the way you want to approach the day. If you focus on the benefits of mindfulness and colouring, try a psychologist or counsellor. If you're focusing on the words of the verse, ask someone who knows the Bible well. Above all, choose someone engaging, who's a great communicator.

Guest musicians
Canned music works well, but if you can get someone live, even better. It doesn't have to be a concert: they can sing in the background.

Consider asking a member of your group to share their testimony, or something they've learned from colouring Scripture words

A stall with colouring books, cards and bookmarks is a good way for interested people to find more Scripture colouring. Contact us for prices.

An A0 sized, coloured poster of the same design you are working on, positioned prominently in the room or next to the speaker not only looks great, but gives inspiration to the colourers. (If the poster you want isn't available in the shop, please ask for it!)

What will you send your participants home with? A card, bookmark, printout - or even a book? One colouring event organiser recently asked her church to fund a book for each participant, as a special gift. (If you want to do this, but can't afford it, get in touch. We want to help.)



Tables and chairs
Ensure there is enough room on the tables for people to spread their colouring. Don't squash people in.

Lighting needs to be bright enough to see, but not so bright it's overpowering. If your space is too dark, consider bringing in lamps.

Make it pleasant, and pretty. Colouring is an aesthetic activity. Make beauty in surroundings that are as beautiful as possible. Decorate with what time, energy and ideas you have.



Experienced colouring folk will probably bring their own, but it's good to provide enough for everyone anyway. Pencils can be gathered from friends or church cupboards, or ask on the Colouring in Truth Facebook page if anyone can supply what you need.

Pencil sharpeners
If you're using pencils, a sharpener - or ten - are a must-have.

Something to colour
Affordable and easy are downloadable printablesChoose according to the verse you want, or the type of design you like. It's a good idea to have a laminator up and running for people who finish and would like to protect their artwork. Alternatively, you could purchase postcards or bookmarks for every participant.

Different languages
If your audience speaks a language other than English, consider using our 'language translation' printouts.