You just found her perfect Christmas gift

She has a faithful heart, an encouraging spirit and a need to be creative.
She loves the scriptures, she likes to journal and she's possibly more organised than you'll ever be.

What would she choose for herself?

The Beautiful Bible Colouring Journal and Year Planner

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It’s the most beautiful Journal and Year Planner on the market right now. It’s like a bullet journal, but a bullet journal where she doesn’t have to make any of the difficult decisions about page layouts, or worry about if it looks pretty enough.

Let us assure you: It looks pretty enough.

Here’s what’s in it.

  • Weekly spreads to keep track of her day to day

  • Monthly planning pages, and monthly review pages

  • Ten original Beautiful Bible Colouring designs by Lorien Jane

  • Glorious colouring snippets of art throughout

  • ‘Growth and Life’ theme, Bible verses, and plenty of room for her to write prayer points and gratitude notes.

  • Flexible ‘Adventure’ pages for her to keep track of what’s relevant - or simply to journal in.

  • Undated journal means she can start when she likes, and stop when she wants. Write the dates in as she goes. (It’s better for the environment too.)

  • Glossy 300 gsm card back and front covers to keep the journal safe and sound.

  • A5 size, spiral bound, on good quality 100gsm paper


Look inside

We’ve included 15 sample pages in our nifty flip book sample so you can see what she’ll get.
(The sample can’t show you the very cool spiral ring binding though.)


Don’t want to flip? Check out our pages here

Monthly pages help her plan her month, keep track of dates, and review what worked and what didn’t. Some spaces have headings, others are blank so that she can personalise her Journal according to what she needs.

bible coloring journal
bible colouring journal

52 weekly spreads organise her day-to-day, with flexible, untitled spaces. She decides what goes where. Blank ‘adventure’ pages are there for, well, adventures.

dot pages 2.PNG
dot pages.PNG

What else? Bible colouring, of course. Some of the prettiest colouring page art around. An index, to keep track of what she put where, plus ideas on how to use her adventure pages.

index pages.PNG

And there are bonuses.

  • We’ll give her special access to all our ideas for headings, lists and ways to use her pages. (There are LOTS of them.)

  • We’ll give her printable numbers and headers to cut and stick in case she loves our typeface better than her handwriting.

  • Plus, we’ll give her the absolutely gorgeous back cover as a printable to colour.


Get hers before Christmas

Order by December 17 and it’ll get there just in time for you to find the most gorgeous wrapping paper and bows.

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I’ve ordered my journals. When will they arrive?

You should see your beautiful Journals about a week after ordering if they are being posted within Australia. If you’re overseas… most parcels travel by plane these days, so it shouldn’t be too much longer. If yours hasn’t turned up, let us know and we’ll track it for you.

Why aren’t there dates in this journal? Don’t all planners have dates in them?

We debated long and hard about this, and consulted with lots of our colouring community as to the best thing to do. Sure, having dates already included in the planner is convenient, but it’s also inflexible. If you stop using it for a period for some reason, it’s quickly obsolete. An undated journal can be stopped, started and picked up again by its owner. You could start using it this November, when you get it.

An undated journal can be given as a gift: your friend might already have a planner figured out for next year, but she could put this one aside for the following year.

Dated journals that don’t sell mostly end up in landfill. At best, they get shredded for recycling. As Christians, we want to be good stewards of our resources and be as environmentally friendly as possible. Allowing our colourers to write in their own dates seems the best way to avoid needless waste.

Why spiral binding?

Again, consultation with our colouring community won out here. More people said spiral was their preferred binding option. They liked to be able to fold back the pages without ruining the book. It’s true that spiral binding makes the journal a little more expensive, but we think it’s worth it.

My handwriting isn’t very nice. When I write in the dates, will I ruin the look?

First, we suggest using a pencil to get your dates into the Journal. If you make a mistake, it’ll be easier to correct. Second, if you really, really don’t want to write them in, you can get gorgeous date stickers at craft and office supplies shops these days. Here’s a little example of one. There are lots more.

Do I get to colour in the gorgeous cover?

If you can find Sharpie-style pens that will colour on gloss card, yes, you can colour the cover. Otherwise, you’ll have to stick to colouring it on the first inside page, sorry. We had to make the covers of the journal sturdy and durable, which means a gloss coating. We want our journals to last the full year.

Will I be able to photocopy the Bible colouring pages in the Journal?

Please don’t photocopy any of our Bible colouring designs! It’s true that in some of our previous books we’ve offered free downloads of the Bible colouring designs so that you can reprint them for personal use. In this instance, however, we’d ask that you head to our shop and purchase the printable download file for the design you like. However, you will get a beautiful freebie printable with your Journal: the full design of the florals and leaves from the front and back cover.