mission and ministry workers

You may be here because you need refreshment. Or perhaps you're looking for Scripture-based pastoral resources, both in English and other languages. We hope we can bring you something that helps and heals you, honours Christ and spreads the word of God in the world.

What we do

We offer beautifully illustrated Bible verses for colouring. And yes, colouring may sound like something you’d give your children to do, but adult colouring has proven benefits: relaxation, calming, and de-stressing. Combine it with the life-giving words of Scripture, and the benefits are immeasurable. 

How we do it

Our designs are published in two books, Meditations and Reflections, both printed, and in e-book format. We also have printed copies of our postcards and our bookmarks. These are great as takeaways for conferences, workshops or seminars. You can also purchase and print out downloadable designs. These are most useful for groups. 

Because so many people asked us for designs in other languages, we've taken the easy way out and provided you with blank 'translation licences'. Purchase, print out, and write the verse in the language you choose before copying and distributing.

Please go here to see the designs available for licencing.

what it costs

We wanted to keep our costs low and affordable so that people can use these resources wherever they are. Our downloadable printables are inexpensive in Australian terms. For less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can provide your small group with a colouring sheet. If you're overseas, however, and the exchange rate and cost is not working for you, please us know and we'll come to an arrangement.

Obviously, books and cards cost more, because they have to be physically printed and shipped. However, Firewheel Press is delighted to offer mission and ministry organisations wholesale prices on books and cards, when you purchase over 10 books or 50 cards at once. Please contact us directly to order books and cards.