Frequently Asked Questions


Why are there no dates printed in the Journal?

We wanted to make this a very functional and flexible tool for you. When dates are included in a planner or journal, users are locked into one specific twelve month period. With an undated journal, you can start when you like and finish when you like. Also, not including dates reduces cost and waste. One of the biggest fillers in recycling bins are out-of-date-diaries that haven't been sold. We like to avoid those recycling bins and keep things in circulation for as long as possible. 

This is an unusual type of year planner. What’s the thinking behind it?

Both Cecily and Lorien love the recent rise in popularity of the ‘Bullet Journal’ developed by Ryder Carroll. In his words, it’s an ‘analogue system for the digital age, to help you track the past, organise the present, and plan for the future.’ Bullet Journals can be as plain and simple, or as arty and complex as you like. Two key features are the Indexing system, and the ability for the journal to be completely personalised according to the needs of its user.

Search for ‘bullet journal’ or ‘bujo’ on the internet and you’ll see some amazing and artistic page layouts. We know that not everyone is artistic, but lots of us would like to be, so we’ve created a sort of ‘hybrid’ bullet journal. It’s laid out for you, and its pretty with Lorien’s gorgeous art, but it’s also flexible and able to be made your very own.

Everything in a bullet journal is written by hand, including the dates (another reason for leaving this journal undated). The physical act of writing - sitting down with a pen and paper - when so much of life today takes place on a screen, is an antidote to the rush and bustle of the digital age.

How do I write in my dates?

We suggest you choose your very favourite pen, make your favourite hot drink and sit down for a quiet half hour with a calendar in front of you. Write in your dates in a calm, mindful way, praying about the days to come as you do. 

Can I get downloads of the Bible verse designs to print and colour?

We've often included digital downloads of colouring designs with our physical products, but in this case, you'll need to head to our SHOP to find what you're looking for.

How do I use the Journal pages?

Scroll up and check out our tips on using the Journal pages above. There are no rules. Use them in ways that make you feel satisfied.

Where can I get another Journal?

You can find a second (or third, or fourth) copy here

Why are the weekly pages laid out this way?

Some people would like the first day of the week to be Sunday. (We know, because you’ve told us.) While we sympathise, and we see your point, we’ve stuck with the common convention of listing Monday first on the weekly pages, simply because it’s easier for planning to keep Saturday and Sunday together as one unit on the page.

At popular request we’ve given each day of the week its own space, rather than squish Saturday and Sunday into a combined box.

And, we’ve given you plenty of different spaces to keep the lists and notes that work for you. Once again, it’s all about flexibility and personalisation.