Why are there no dates printed in the Journal?

We wanted to make this a very functional and flexible tool for you. When dates are included in a planner or journal, users are locked into one specific twelve month period. With an undated journal, you can start when you like and finish when you like. Also, not including dates reduces cost and waste. One of the biggest fillers in recycling bins are out-of-date-diaries that haven't been sold. We like to avoid those recycling bins and keep things in circulation for as long as possible. 

How do I write in my dates?

We suggest you choose your very favourite pen, make your favourite hot drink and sit down for a quiet half hour with a calendar in front of you. Write in your dates in a calm, mindful way, praying about the days to come as you do. 

Can I get downloads of the Bible verse designs to print and colour?

Not this time. We've often included digital downloads of colouring designs with our physical products, but in this case, you'll need to head to our SHOP to find what you're looking for.

How do I use the pages?


Where can I get another Journal?

You can find a second copy here. 

Why are the weekly pages laid out this way?



step one:

Choose what you want

step two:

Create a layout

step three:

Write in a heading

step four:

Index your page

We've got ideas here in all sorts of categories. What you'll choose depends on what you want to use your journal for. Maybe you're looking for organisation inspiration, or maybe you're hoping to fill the pages with free-flowing writing.  Scroll down for our ideas, or imagine your own.

Our Journal is loosely based on the 'Bullet Journal' concept.

Use your best artistic handwriting to create your page heading. Or if that seems too hard, you can find our already-artistic list of the headings on this page right here. Save to your computer and print. Then cut out and paste on your page. Or just go to the back of your journal and cut and paste.

Don't forget this important detail. It helps you find what you're looking for later and saves hours of flipping through your journal.


family and household


Savings Goals

Spending Tracker

Event planner

Celebration planner


Master Grocery List

Recipe Bank

Brain dump 

Cleaning Schedule

Plan your Holiday

Packing Master List - if you go away a lot

Family and Friends Presents List

Things my kids say

Family memories

Ways to use less plastic

De-cluttering lists


Books I’ve read

Books I want to read

TV and movies I've watched

I will be kind to myself today by:

Things I’ve given away

Things I want to give away

Things to do differently

What works when I...

Pleasant event schedule

Habits and rewards

Take care of me: Ways I relax

My goals


Seasonal Bucket Lists

Craft projects - future, past, present

Birthday Time Capsule

1. Books you’ve read

2. Concerts you’ve gone to

3. Personal accomplishments

4. Demographics (weight, job, relationship status, income, etc)

5. Hobbies

6. Current projects

7. New friends you’ve made

8. Classes you’ve taken

9. Things you’ve learned

10. Dreams and aspirations

11. Favorite Things

12. Places you’ve traveled

13. Letter to yourself

Measurements or Weight Tracker

My 5-year goals

Quotable inspirations

health and fitness

Exercise tracker

Learn something new

Bird watching page

Get outside in nature

Drinking water tracker

Health professionals appointments page - and what they said?

faith and growth


9. “Flaws” I am grateful for & why
10. Material objects I’m grateful for
11. People I’m grateful for
12. Trials I am grateful for
13. Everyday “nothings” I’m grateful for

Prayers, prayer lists

Meaningful Scriptures

People to encourage – and ways to do that

Ways to serve at church

What's holding me back

Identifying fears

Every month

Personal projects

Places to go

This month's ‘game changer’

Monthly calendar (or quarterly?)

Pleasant event schedule

Habit -and reward tracker

Good things that happened

Self-reflection – what did I do well

What would I like to do better?

How did I spend my time?

What memories did I make?




Journaling pages

Free writing pages

Prompts: "If I could..."

"The first time I..."

"One day I will know...'