This is the seventh #20in2020 colouring challenge. Hasn’t it been a challenging year so far! It’s a great discipline to keep our minds on the Scriptures, and to take time to rest and relax when things are hard.

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After nine weeks of strict ‘stay at home’ restrictions, things are starting to open up across Australia. The virus is still out there, and we’ve all been warned to heed distancing rules and take care, but there are more opportunities to go out than we’ve had up to this point.

For this reason, we thought it would be a good time to remember that the Lord will keep all our ‘goings out’ and ‘comings in’, from this time forth and forever. He is the Lord of our days, he is good, and he is faithful.



Click on the image for printable purchasing options.


Click on the image for printable purchasing options.

Once again, you’ve got a few weeks for this challenge. When will you make the time to sit down and colour? Will you do it on your own, or with others?

Think about the way you colour, and your process. Are you quick and impatient? Slow and deliberate? What might God want to show you through the ‘doing’ of this?

Remember to show us photo of your finished page on our Facebook Group, or tag #20in2020 on Instagram. If you need a download, click on the photo of the design for purchasing options.

Need colour palette inspiration? Try these for some ideas.

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