….And then COVID-19 arrived …

There’s been a bit of scrambling in the Beautiful Bible Colouring headquarters in the past fortnight as Corona Virus well and truly arrived in Australia. From everyone thinking, ‘Oh well, it’s not going to affect us,’ suddenly we’re learning to work from home, educate our children from home, and skimp on toilet paper.

We didn’t put up the fifth #20in2020 colouring challenge when we should have, simply because life got a bit chaotic. But we were super encouraged to see on our Facebook group that one of our challenge colourers went ahead with a fifth design anyway.

She chose this, very apt, design.

Trust in the Lord, it says. At all times, it says. Pour out your heart before him. God is a refuge for us.

There’s plenty to pour out of our hearts at the moment. Plenty of grief, sadness and worry. But God is still our refuge. Still in charge. And we can trust him.

Take a week for this challenge. If you’re at home, you might find it easy to grab the time to sit down and colour? Perhaps put on your favourite worship music as you do it, and even (safely) light a candle. Think about all the times you have been able to trust God in the past, and how faithful he has been. What specific things are on your heart to ‘pour out to him’ at this time?

Remember to show us photo of your finished page on our Facebook Group, or tag #20in2020 on Instagram. If you need a download, click on the photo of the design for purchasing options. (By the way, use the code FLATTENTHECURVE at the checkout for 15% across the whole store. It’s a little way we can help out in tricky times.)

Need colour palette inspiration? Try these for some ideas.

We’ve gathered a collection of reassuring, calming verse designs here, specially for use in these pandemic days.

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