Welcome to the second #20in2020 colouring challenge.

This year, we’re making the time to colour 20 different, beautiful Bible verses, reminding ourselves not only of the truth of the words, but also taking the time to be mindful, meditative and relaxed. For our second challenge, we couldn’t go past this beautiful design with the timeless words of Paul from Romans 12:12.

Paul encourages us to rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, and be constant in prayer.

To rejoice in hope is to trust God’s Word — knowing that our hope of glory is secured for us in heaven for the eternity, simply because God’s Word is true and cannot be broken. Our hope is built on nothing less than trusting in Jesus. What a fantastic way to start the new year.

To be patient in tribulation means knowing that yes, we will at some point experience pain. But we should wait patiently in our suffering, knowing that His strength is enough to see us through every difficulty of life. He has already overcome sin and death – and we are united with Him and His victory.

To be constant in prayer is pretty self explanatory. Talking to God is important, and we should do it everyday. Praying doesn’t have to be a solo activity either. You can pray with a friend, a group, anyone!

You’ve got a few weeks for this challenge. When will you make the time to sit down and colour? Will you do it on your own, or with others? Think about the way you colour, and your process. Are you quick and impatient? Slow and deliberate? What might God want to show you through the ‘doing’ of this?

If you need a download, click on the photo for purchasing options. Don’t forget to take a photo and share on our Facebook group or tag #20in2020 on Instagram.

Need colour palette inspiration? Try these for some ideas.

This design originally came from Reflections: More Beautiful Bible Verses for Colouring. Here’s where to go if you don’t have a copy.

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