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Welcome to the first #20in2020 challenge.

What’s the #20in2020 challenge? To colour 20 beautiful Bible colouring designs throughout the year.

Why this challenge? At it’s heart, it’s to help us stay close to God.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably enjoyed Bible colouring before. You may have been right into it a few years ago. And you’ll remember how useful you found it in your devotional life; how it helped you calm and still yourself; how it gave you extra depth when you meditated on the words of the Bible.

Perhaps what’s happened since then is that things have gotten busy once more. Colouring has gone by the wayside. It would be nice to do, we think, but we move on to the next busy activity.

#20 in 2020 is a challenge to retrieve that calm and stillness with God 20 times this year, by colouring 20 different designs and meditating on the words of the verses. We think doing this many colouring designs will be achievable—and enjoyable.

Maybe you’d like to share the challenge with your children, friends, or bible study. Or keep it to yourself—it’s your choice.

Of course, you can choose what you’ll colour, but we’ll be suggesting 20 different verses during the year, on this blog, and in the Colouring in Truth facebook group. By doing the same one as the others doing #20in2020, you’ll feel like part of the team. Post your pictures in our Colouring in Truth Facebook group, and share what you learned or relearned from the Lord. We’ll all be encouraged.

Are you in?


Challenge #1 for 2020: No Fear in Love

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The verse in this gorgeous and popular design by Lorien comes from John 4:18: “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear”.

This design is one of the all-time favourites of our colouring community. Found in Lorien’s first colouring book, Meditations, it’s pretty and easy to colour. The verse it illustrates is reassuringly simple, and yet incredibly challenging.

As we start the new year, it may be with a certain sense of trepidation. Will this year be easier than last year? Will there be suffering, or heartache? Will we have the wisdom and experience to make it?

One of the most wonderful gifts God gives us is his love. And one of the most paradoxical outcomes of the Christian life is that when we experience God’s love in our lives and share it with others, we do not need to fear. Panic and worry can be replaced by confidence and security. The ability to live out His love is a sign of our faith in Him.

Get your printable by clicking on the picture.

Don’t forget to take a photo of your finished colouring and share to the Colouring in Truth Facebook group or tag #20in2020 on Instagram.

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