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It’s going to be a strange sort of Easter in 2020. The viral pandemic sweeping the world has seen borders shut down, schools closing, and gatherings and events discouraged or even banned. There will be more to come; it’s not over yet.

And yet Jesus is still alive. Easter is still worth celebrating.

May we encourage you, in whatever situation you find yourself, to remember that Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life. He is the one who has won freedom from sin and death. He is the one who promises heaven to come for those who follow him. Whatever hope we have here on earth, we have far more in eternity with Jesus.

We’ve gathered our Bible colouring verses that specifically talk about Easter together for you at this time of year. A printable or two to colour may make an enforced stay at home (if that’s you right now) a little more bearable. If you’re still out and about, taking some time to spend with these words may simply calm jangled nerves.

Happy Easter. Keep calm. Wash your hands. Flatten the curve. And remember Jesus is the ultimate answer.

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